Visual and Sound Exhibition / Sound Artist / 2022

Photographic exhibition with sound compositions embedded into the frames.

Latences is a multidisciplinary collaboration that combines sound compositions and silver photographs. It explores the representation of the memory within the of the mind, by putting in unison stasis and movement. Each composition suggests, while allowing the viewer to dress the scenes of our own emotions.

Team: Maureen Sassi, Zak Colello, Jean-Philippe Jullin

📷 Pierre Inglebert / 2022 📷

5 Directions

Album / Musician / 2022

This third album by Ensemble d’oscillateurs is pointing towards a future for sine wave-based ensemble performances.

The title, 5 Directions, indicates different roads that could be taken by this kind ensemble where 10 musicians are performing on analogue oscillators.

Artwork of 5 Directions


Fulldome A/V Performance / Sound Artist & Programmer / 30’ / 2022

Realized at SAT Montreal, in partnership with CRSH, ÉTS and NAD.

An interactive poem based on various forms of clouds, presented as a series of perspectives exporting a single imaginary universe.

Team: Yan Breuleux, Marie-Ève Bilodeau, Ghyslain Gagnon, Myriam Boucher, Marie-Ève Morissette, Jean-Philippe Jullin, Nicola Giannini, Rémi Lapierre, Venus Grivegnée, Mathieu Deblois, Claude Asselin, Philippe Lefrançois-Racz, Romain Salha


📷 Yan Breuleux / 2022 📷

Aus' Dreams

Octophonic Sound and Light Performance / 90' / 2022

Aus is the name of my computer. This work explores his return to life.

The goal was to achieve an equitable collaboration, without one having more control over the performance than the other. After aestheticizing the sounds, Aus chooses their order of playback during the performance and alters my actions to beautify them.

Half-algorithmic, half-composed, this work invites self-abandonment, an attempt to engage in a state of latency in order to resonate with a whole.

📷 Nicola Giannini / 2022 📷

Public performance of Aus' Dreams

Le Chant du Canevas

Interactive Installation / Sound Artist & Programmer / 2021 🏅

Realized during HACKLAB21 at SAT Montreal, organized by MusicMotion.

Le Chant du Canevas is an immersive work that invites you to explore a painting through your ears. An inclusive experience, designed by and for a blind person.

Loudspeakers are placed around the work in order to create an immersive musical structure containing sound ambiences. A vibrating jacket provide the users sensations to support the sound, and supports a physical exploration experience.

Team: Victor Drouin-Trempe, Debbie Doe, Jules Roze, Marie-Ève Morissette, Jean-Philippe Jullin, Denise Beaudry


🏅Desjardins Prize🏅

📷 Sébastien Roy / 2021 📷


Qaumajuq's Inaugural Show / Sound Engineer / 2021

INUA is the inaugural exhibition of Qaumajuq, the new Inuit art centre at the WAG.

INUA brings together work created by over 90 Inuit artists from across the northern Canada, as well as some living in the urban South. The exhibition also features a selection of works by circumpolar Indigenous colleagues and, in some cases, collaborators from areas such as Alaska and Greenland.

INUA also celebrates the past work of Inuit artists, who have always embraced the future, drawn from existing collections.

Artwork of Curfew


Short Movie / Sound Engineer / 2021 🏅

Realized by Mélaine Ricard-Boulieu

After meeting on a dating app, Tom and John decide to give each other a chance to be more than just two anonymous bodies, as they take a walk in the snowy Montreal winter. Even though John does not speak nor French, nor English, the two starts bonding. But the curfew is just around the corner...


🏅Best Canadian Short - ReelOut Film Festival🏅
🏅Nomination - Kashish Mumbai International Queer Film Festival 🏅


Acousmatic Music / 10’ / 2021 🏅

A nadir is the point on the celestial sphere representing the vertical downward direction. It is the position of the sun at midnight. By extension, it means the worst time, the time of least hope and success.

Nadir is the study of the lowest point. This work describes a descent in layers, depicting a dystopian vision in which any sense of improvement is illusory.


🏅 Honorable Mention at 2021 EMC Contest 🏅
🏅 Semi-finalist at 2022 Petrichor International Music Competition🏅
🏅 5th place at JTTP 2021 🏅

📷 Ryunosuke Kikuno / 2020 📷

Artwork of Nadir

Espace d'un Instant

Interactive Composition / 7’15 / 2020

Espace d'un instant is a fixed acousmatic piece accessible through an application specially developed for its listening.

In this application, it becomes possible to move inside the sounds and get closer to them, thanks to the tracking of your head by your webcam.

A MaxMSP patch is available to download



EP / 15’ / 2020

Acousmatic Music

📷 Solène Essomba Tana / 2020 📷

Artwork of nioses

Dates & Publications

September 2022
AIMC 2022, JP

August 27-28 2022
Festival de Musique Submergée, Saint-Adèle, CA

November 28 2021
Moments de Silence, Montreal, CA

August 2022
2021 EMC Contest, CA

October 2021
HACKLAB21, Montreal, CA

August 2021
JTTP 2021, CA

July 2021
ICMC 2021, Santiago, CHL

Radio Québec International, Quebec, CA


MaxMSP Devices & Patches

Coming soon!


Jean-Philippe Jullin is currently a student in digital music at the University of Montreal. It is through his previous work in the audiovisual field that his language was shaped, mixing elements of art and technology. Passionate about sound experimentation, and a composer of experimental music, he seeks a different way of thinking about music. His performances and installations aspire to establish a dialogue between man and his environment by bringing the listener into the work. Sound meets image and matter, addressing a multiplicity of techniques and meanings.

Recipient of two scholarships for excellence from the Faculty of Music, he won the 1st Desjardins prize in an interactive creation competition of the Société des Arts Technologiques de Montréal. His compositional work has been awarded by Musicworks magazine and the JTTP 2021 competition, as well as presented at the last conference on musical creativity through artificial intelligence. If his main field of activity is now oriented around sound creation in collaboration with machines, it is with the aim of conceiving experiences of active contemplation, where various elements are assembled to question our perception of space and time.

📷 Solène Essomba Tana / 2020 📷

Artistic Approach

My artistic interests revolve around the relationship between the human and the machine in sound creation.

These relations are often approached in a binary way: the machine would be either a simple tool, neutral and malleable at will, or suspected of enslaving humans by making them dependent on it. For me, these relationships are more complex and are fleshed out by considering a wealth of possible interactions. Thus, I seek in my pieces to develop an equitable collaboration between the human and the technology, without one being totally submitted to the other.

I explore and experiment original methods of co-creation between the artist, the listener and the machine, through the use of machine learning. The digital tool then becomes one of the actors of the piece and pushes the artist and the audience to constantly adjust themselves. My works mobilize a diversity of media (sound, visual, etc.) in order to propose an original multisensory experience. Sometimes in the form of fixed music, sometimes in the form of immersive performance or interactive installation, my projects aim at questioning the place of the human being in his environment, the corporality in our societies and our relationship to matter.

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